The other monster

Yesterday a young woman was killed behind the CEGEP, a college in the Hull Gatineau area. Today in the news I see that while they are looking for a suspect, police have charges pending against four other people — whom they emphasize are not involved in the girl’s death. The charges will likely include causing an indignity to a human body, and obstructing the work of a police officer.

I am, shamefully perhaps, distracted by this hideous side crime, from the already horrific knowledge that a killer stalked at least one person near my daughter’s school.

With all that we sadly know about the world, we expect the monster. We know that out there somewhere are sad, crazy, unhinged or even merely angry people who kill. We hope, and pray, and take precautions to stay out of the cross-hairs of the beastly mind.

What we don’t expect, what shocks us more, in some ways, are the monstrous acts of those others. People who are, for all intents and purposes, normal, and who go to class, and participate in sports, and are acquaintances or friends, and who don’t break the law.

Until they are in a pack of four who stumble across a young girl’s body in the woods and decide to light her on fire.

It is this crime, this ‘indignity to humanity’, if you could generalize it, that makes us squirm. Look at the person to your left. Now at the person to your right. Perhaps they’re looking at you with the same thought.

There’s a little monstrosity in us all.


One thought on “The other monster

  1. Becky says:

    The world is truly a unique thing filled with unique people. It’s kind of scary to know that the person who served you at the store or the guidance councellor at your childs school could be capable of all kinds of atrosities if pushed beyond their limits! Today, you just never know.

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