Frequently Asked

What inspired The Ophelia Trap?

The Ophelia Trap is an Aylmer story, in every way. After David and I scrimped and saved and waited and worked, we moved out of our apartment building and into a house nearby. A little too nearby, as it turned out… ! At the end of autumn, when the leaves fell off the tree in the backyard, we suddenly had a disturbingly clear view of — you guessed it — our old apartment building. Coloured with some local news events, including a warning to young women in our area about a series of sexual assaults, a story began to form. To his credit, my dear hubby kept his face straight when I told him this was becoming a novel.

From Friends and Family… Am I in Your Novel?


Well, not the way you think. Like many writers, I wrote my way into this novel by way of the kinds of people I know. However, very early in the process came a divergence from the constraints of reality (really, that is the fun part of writing fiction!), and the story gave rise to characters who may exhibit familiar traits, but are made up ‘out of whole cloth’.

You may find your name in there, though… or a tale you’ve told me. I challenge all F&Fs to read and pick out where they may have inspired a tidbit or two.

So Matt and Julia… They’re not just… you and your husband?

Nope. Frankly, I’m not as brave as Julia… see below for how I see the main characters. Ignore the “shutterstock” tag.


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