The Ophelia Trap

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“This little gem of a novel is set in Canada’s Capital region and features a mystery that unravels even more mysteries. The flow of language, memorable characters and story twists make it a swift and unforgettable read.”
– Madapples Book Review

“Enjoyable thriller set in Quebec. Plenty of twists in the plot to keep one guessing.”
If you enjoy Louise Penny’s Three Pines, wait until you meet the quirky inhabitants of this Quebec town.
“The vivid details that the author paints makes you feel that you are at the places and they feel familiar. The characters are likeable and believable. A highly recommended read. I can’t wait for her next novel.”
TonyInMontreal, review on Apple’s iBookstore

When a former neighbour plunges eight stories to her death in the snow, Julia Henry is convinced her previous landlords harassed the woman to suicide. But as she investigates, another dead girl turns up – with a connection to a series of rapes.

Julia and her husband put as much distance as they could afford between them and the landlords who put them through hell, and stories from humiliated tenants match Julia’s own. She’s determined to prove their tactics resulted in tragedy. But the half-empty building is hemorrhaging tenants, the girl’s boyfriend comes complete with a wife and daughter, and the best friend overdosed days after giving police their only description of a serial predator.

It seems someone wants Julia buried under the heaviest blizzard in thirty years, and she’s run off the road in a whiteout. One of her daughters narrowly escapes a brutal attack steps from home, and two nightmares converge. Now the only way she can protect her girls and still live to see the snow melt is to expose the wrenching truth behind the rapes, the deaths, and the strangest absentee landlord ever.

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  1. jennifer jerome says:

    book is amazing

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